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Possible Causes & Solutions


Pump runs all the time

Pump makes loud noise

Pump won't start working


1.Installation is not horizontal.

2. There is sludge inside the tank.

1. The water is siphoning back in the pump.

1. Installation is not horizontal.

2. The power can't reach the pump.

3. The voltage isn't correct.


Adjust the tank make it level.

Clean the inside of tank and float.

Check whether the outlet pipe is lower than pump thus result in siphoning, raise the condensate pumps position.

Adjust the tank check water level.

Check power supply.

Check the voltage.


• Be sure to clean the filter net every 6 months or more often to avoid the dirt blocking and affecting the pump’s running.

• The live feed to the pump must be fused with a 0.5A slow blow fuse.

• Operations Manual is for guidance only and is subject to change without any prior notification, installation must be carried out by a suitably qualified person.

Note: Proper use and maintenance can improve the life of the pump. We suggest checking and cleaning the pump every 12 months.


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