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Silent, Reliable

And Durable


Condens8 is a high performance pump in a compact package, designed to reliably remove condensate from air conditioning units with minimal sound. Built to be versatile and easy to install, Condens8 can be mounted in ceilings and walls with minimal vibration concerns.

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Orbiflo Technology

Durable Design

Easy To Install

Low Energy Consumption

Super Quiet Design




Flow rate

Suction lift

Discharge head

Tank capacity

Condens8 CP8

100-230v ~/50-60Hz

Max. 12L/h(3.2GPH)

Max. 2m(6.5ft)

Max. 7m (23ft)

35ml (0.07pt)

Condens8 CP8

Designed to reliably remove condensate from air conditioning units. Up to 12kW (41,000 BTU)

What is OrbiFlo?

OrbiFlo new pumping technology unseen in the condensate removal market.

Unlike piston pumps OrbiFlo can run without water and won’t damage or reduce the life of the pump, how it works is very simple.

The pump has 2 rubber plungers sat together, like the number 8. When the top rubber plunger is pulling in condensate the bottom rubber plunger is pushing the condensate out.  Each rubber plunger is connected to plastic bar that creates the plunging or pumping motion by moving each plunger up and down like a seesaw.

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